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Weihai Cuihong Fruit Co., Ltd.

Modern Fruit Industry Pathfinder

Weihai Cuihong Fruit Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a provincial-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise and a provincial-level poverty alleviation leading enterprise integrating apple seedling, planting, storage, processing, sales and leisure picking. The national-level non-toxic apple seedling base is also the only apple futures delivery factory warehouse in Weihai. It has a controlled atmosphere warehouse of 20,000 tons, a processing room of 12,000 square meters, an apple base of 4,000 acres, a non-toxic seedling base of 300 acres, and a yew base of 300 acres, with total assets of 250 million yuan. It is expected that the sales revenue during the abundance period will reach 120 million yuan or more. Cuihong Apple has won the Weihai Apple Challenge and the Gold Award in the 13th China International Agricultural Products Fair. Its products are sold well in Europe and the domestic high-end market. The company takes it as its mission to catch up with the world's advanced level of fruit industry, and break a path for the development of a modern fruit industry with Chinese characteristics.


Efforts to build it into an international brand in the Apple industry

Pin Cuihong Apple, Enjoy a Delicious Life

1. Implement innovative development with the modern fruit industry structure as a blueprint

Pioneered the integrated business model of "company + cooperative + base + standard + brand" and the intensive cultivation model of "wide row, close planting, short anvil, fence, green protection, water and fertilizer integration", and built its own in accordance with the standards of developed countries The modern apple base planted 140-210 trees per mu, achieving the set goal of high yield in four years and recovery of all investment in five years. Using the "three excellent" technology, through the specific combination of stocks and ears, the product has a special flavor and quality. The introduction of fertilizer, plant protection, and sorting equipment from developed countries has reduced irrigation water by 60%, pesticides by 70%, and chemical fertilizers. 80%, the production efficiency has been increased by 5 times.

2. Achieve sustainable development based on the green ecological model

Take the opportunity of changing terraces to slopes to curb the degradation of cultivated land quality. The whole garden is 120 cm deep, and 20 cubic meters of organic fertilizer, 2 tons of soil conditioner, 4 tons of crop straws are applied per mu at a time, the pH value is restored to about 6.5, the living soil layer is increased from 30 cm to 120 cm, and the soil organic matter is increased from 0.5 % Increased to more than 1.5%, so that the orchard soil has been thoroughly improved. Invest 40 million yuan to build a national virus-free seedling base with an annual output of 4 million seedlings. Widely use insecticidal lamps and sticky insect boards to reduce the frequency and dosage of pesticides. Use "Traceable treasure" to implement the whole process of quality traceability, to achieve a seamless connection from the table to the field traceability, and the detection rate of pesticide residues is always zero. Under the new model, the Vc of apples is more than 5 times higher than that of ordinary fruits, the sugar content is more than 15 degrees, the high-quality fruit rate is more than 80%, the yield per mu is 4000 kg, and the sales income per mu is 35,000 yuan.

Third, play the leading role in demonstration and lead development

In accordance with the model of "enterprise + cooperative + village committee + poor households", we will be the leader in rural revitalization. Five cooperatives have been established through which the interests of the company and the interests of farmers and village committees are closely integrated. Support poor households and poor villages. The first joint-stock poverty alleviation cooperative in Shandong was established to use poverty alleviation funds to support the development of the cooperative. The poor households manage the orchard as shareholders, with a guaranteed annual return rate of 8% and an annual increase of more than 1 million yuan. Drive villagers and village collectives to increase their income. The annual land transfer can increase the income of farmers by 16.6 million yuan and the village committee by 800,000 yuan. The annual employment of more than 1,000 farmers has increased by more than 20 million yuan.   

Looking back on the past, Cuihong Fruits has come out of a "variety property right, seedling non-toxicity, ecological production area, industrial scale, standard internationalization, equipment modernization, product nutrition, quality branding, marketing chain, and asset diversification. The experience of the modern fruit industry was promoted at the “Shuang’an Double Innovation” conference held by the State Council. Looking forward to the future, Cuihong Fruit Industry will focus on the establishment of a complete industrial chain of production, processing, sales and tourism, integrated development and smart development, and strive to build it into an international brand in the Apple industry.